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Founded in 2006, by the physicians of Complete Children’s Health (CCH), led by Dr. Brad Brabec, Midwest Children’s Health Research Institute (MCHRI) is dedicated to improving the health of children through its involvement in Phase 3 and Phase 4 clinical research trials.

With access to over 25,000 of Complete Children’s Health active patients as well as the attention of a large referral region (Nebraska’s population is approximately 1.7 million people with over 1.2 million of those living within a 50 mile radius of Lincoln), MCHRI has had and will continue to have the ability to recruit a wide variety of pediatric patients for drug, vaccine, formula, and general consumer product studies. CCH cares for several kids who suffer from allergies and allergic rhinitis, and they perform allergy immunotherapy in all four of their offices. CCH also has a reputation for diagnosing and treating “fussy” babies who have problems with milk/soy protein intolerance and/or gastroesophageal reflux.

MCHRI has been fortunate to have been able to work with some of the largest healthcare manufacturers in the industry to improve the quality and safety of infant formula, pediatric vaccines, and medications that contribute to a healthier child. MCHRI has successfully conducted Infant Formula trials, Pediatric Vaccine trials, Observational trials and trials including conditions such as Asthma, Autism, ADHD and Downs Syndrome along with skin conditions such as Atopic Dermatitis, and Molluscum. We are recognized as a preferred site by the sponsors and monitors that we have worked with and in many trials MCHRI has been a top enroller.

Clinical Research Coordinators

Our success can also be attributed to our staff of four Clinical Research Coordinators



Swetha began her career as a medical student in 1998. She practiced Family Medicine in London and India for a number of years, before stepping into Research in the United States in 2016. She worked as a Research Coordinator for Cancer Research for the Ozarks, Nebraska Cancer Research Center and Nebraska Hematology-Oncology. She joined the MCHRI team as Director in 2021.


Tawsha Anderson, RN/CRC

Tawsha began her career in healthcare in 2012 as an RN.  She began working as a research coordinator in 2019 when she joined the team for Midwest Children’s Health Research Institute.


Delilah Schrodt, LPN, CRC

Delilah graduated Nursing School in April of 2012. She started her career in Geriatrics, followed by Corrections. She turned her career over to Pediatrics in 2017 and moved Research in 2022.


Rosie Fuller, LPN, CRC

Rosie began her career in healthcare in 2014. Rosie’s nursing career began at Complete Children’s Health after nursing school in 2014, and her role has now expanded to the Research team which she joined in 2017.

our goal

Our goal is to continue to build on the foundation that has been laid. We appreciate your consideration of our site. For a look at who we are and the practice, please feel free to browse our website at completechildrenshealth.com.


3262 Salt Creek Circle, Lincoln, NE 68504
4020 Hohensee Drive, Lincoln, NE 68516
8201 Northwoods Drive, Lincoln, NE 68505
1336 West A St, Suite B Lincoln, NE 68522

Phone: 402-465-5600
Fax: 402-327-6074


Phone: 402-465-5600
Fax: 402-327-6074


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Clinic Hours-Weekends
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