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What is a clinical trial?

A clinical trial is a study using healthy human volunteers to answer specific questions about a new drug, vaccine, or medical device. Carefully conducted clinic al trials are the safest and most efficient way to find tradements and new ways to improve health.

Are clinical trials safe?

Safety is the top priority of a clinic trial. Parents and volunteers are fully informed of the study requirements, including risks and benefits prior to study participation. Parents and volunteers must freely consent to participate and are free to withdraw from a clinical trial at any time.

Why participate in a clinical trial?

Parents have the opportunity to have their child gain access to treatments and vaccines before they are widely available to the general public. Your child will receive one on one medical care and education while participating in a clinical trial. No matter what the reason may be for participation, it can be very rewarding and essential to medical advancement.

Will I have restrictions to follow while participating in a clinical trial?

Each trial will have restrictions that need to be followed. Prior to enrollment detailed information will be provided regarding any restrictions.

Will there be a charge to participate in a clinical trial?

There will be no charge to participate in a clinical trial.

How can my child participate?

For most trials your child needs to be generally healthy, however some studies involve volunteers that have a specific health condition, such as asthma or behavior issues.


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